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Chilli Papas
Welcome to Chilli Papas
December 30th 2010, I was rushing around after four kids and trying to decide what was for dinner. My sister-in-law came round and wanted to cook a curry for friends on New Year’s Day. Well, being busy that day, Lynn suggested blending the spices and including cooking instructions.The curry was a resounding success and Chilli Papas was born.
What is Chilli Papas
Blending fresh spices, Chilli Papas encourage you to cook a curry full of flavour from stratch using fresh ingredients. If you love curries but can’t or won’t cook, Chilli Papas has devised a product that will tantalise your taste buds but is simple to cook, quick to cook and easy to eat. It’s so easy, our kids help us cook it!
A special thanks to Mum, Lynn & Chris as without them, Chilli Papas would not exist.
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